New Brand Identity

Our logo is the most important and visible component of our identity as a Club.
It communicates ownership, quality and pride. It is imprinted around the Clubhouse, on our course signage, scorecards, merchandise, stationery, website and social media, and most importantly in the minds of our members and visitors.

Everything evolves over time. Everything. Just as the website needs to be updated every now and then to ensure we are ahead of the curve, so does the brand identity through our logo. Members & visitors want to feel that the Club they are part of, or visiting, is up to date and moving with the times. Logo refreshes and clarity of brand show that we are evolving and changing to keep up with the modern world. The reasons for making this refresh were:
1. Two different logos in circulation.
2. The Shield logo was visually outdated and overly complicated to replicate.
3. Simplifying the logo for clarity and better recognition; and
4. To agree the club colours for consistent usage.

Therefore, a small subgroup of Duncan Stevenson, Neil Simpson, Trustees - Jeff White, David Halliday and Dougie Naismith, along with Club Manager, Niall Watson engaged with Eagle Design to develop the brand identity with a more modern logo for the Club and to obtain consistent application standards in its use across a variety of areas. We feel we have kept the key essence of the old logo while providing the Club with a single, modern, user-friendly version it can be proud of.

We now have a detailed brand document from Eagle Design with the specifications for use to implement throughout the Club in due course. This will be referenced and used for consistency as the new logo is rolled out across different areas over time. Anyone wishing to use the logo would consult with the Club Manager in the first instance.
Attached are examples of how this new Club logo would appear on items and the main colours it will use. Many colours have been present in the Club logo and merchandise over the years, and a single option was needed for consistency going forwards. While the primary colour will be gold on a blue background, blue on a white background could be used as a secondary standard.
We do have a new flag for the Clubhouse which was very kindly financed by a member’s donation and will be unveiled soon?
It would be far too expensive to have a ‘big bang’ approach in applying the new logo and brand identity across the Club immediately. There is no intention to replace the Shield on the front of the Clubhouse, or any others similar, as they are all part of the history of the Club and fabric of the Clubhouse. The flag would be the first visible sign of change along with re-branding on our social media sites, website, email correspondence and letterheads.

Application of the logo onto new merchandise will be gradual as Neil restocks when existing stock is sold.
We hope that you feel this is an exciting time for the Club, as we move forwards with a clear, modern, classy logo and brand identity for the Club that we can all be proud of being a member of.