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Course is currently Open

Work has started replacing the main water supply to the Craighouse development. This will last 4 weeks. We are legally required to grant access to the contractors to complete the work and to minimise disruption the route will be from Kestrel Cottage by the 14th tee, north up the right hand side of the 14th fairway and across the fairway at its narrowest point and then up by the wall, to the back of the 14th green into the Craighouse site. There will be some inconvenience playing the 13th, 14th & 15th holes, however weekend play will be unaffected as no weekend works are planned. During the work, the 13th and 15th tees will be at the bottom of the hill during weekdays but revert to their original positions at weekends. The 14th hole will be taken out of play completely from Monday to Friday but should revert to normal play at weekends. Idverde Ltd have been contracted to re-instate the course to its original state and we will keep you informed of progress of the work.

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    Obtaining and Retaining a CONGU Handicap

    Obtaining an Initial CONGU Handicap
    To obtain an initial CONGU Handicap, Gents are required to return three signed scorecards, one of which must relate to play in a Club Competition under medal play conditions. The other two cards can be submitted from playing from the yellow tee markers, put signed card through letterbox to Club Secretary's office.

    A handicap may be allotted up to a limit of 54. Handicaps allotted at or below the existing maxima of 28.0 will be allotted as CONGU Handicaps and will be annotated with a ‘c’ Competition Handicap Status. Handicaps allotted higher than the existing maxima of 28.0 will be allotted as CONGU Club Handicaps and will not be annotated with a ‘c’ Competition Handicap Status.

    Retaining a CONGU Handicap
    To retain their Competition Handicap (Handicap annotated with a ‘c’) in subsequent years, a Member shall return three qualifying scores per golf season.

    CONGU Club Handicap
    Gents who have been allotted a CONGU Club Handicap of between 29 and 54 are allowed to enter club competitions but only insofar as for the reduction of their CONGU Club Handicap to the level of a CONGU Handicap i.e. Handicap annotated with a Competition ‘c’. They will not be eligible to win a competition until they have achieved the level of a Competition Handicap (28 and below).

    A Players Quick Guide to the CONGU Handicapping System

    Click HERE for Players Guide

    Changes effective from 1st January 2016

    Click HERE for principal changes to the CONGU Unified Handicapping System effective from 1st January 2016.

    If you have any questions regarding any of the above do not hesitate to contact myself.

    Tom Cowan
    Match & Competitions Convenor